Best GPS Running Watches: Top 2 Polar GPS Watches Reviewed

What is a GPS Running Watch?

GPS running watch is a fitness device that helps runners and athletes track their performance during and after training.

GPS running watches are equipped with the functions and technology that help you get most of your training sessions.

The functions include GPS navigation tools, heart rate monitors, real-time trackers, and even temperature sensors. A quality running watch should be capable of tracking everything — points of reference, elevation, distance travelled, speed, best pace, and heart rate.

Besides standard features such as GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc, nowadays, some of the advanced GPS running watches also come with compass, temperature sensors, and accelerometer among others.

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Review of the 2 Best Polar GPS Running Watches

Below is the review of the 2 best GPS running watches by Polar. These are reliable, robust, reasonably priced, and high performance sport tracking devices. So let us discuss them one by one:


1) Polar RCX5 Multi-Training GPS Running Watch

This is a sure shot blue running watch designed for training athletes and endurance for those expecting better performance.

Polar RCX5 allows for creating their sport profiles. You can switch between the profiles within seconds. The watch comes integrated with a special Zone Optimizer to personalize sport zones of runners during a warm-up session.


  • Enhances performance for runners with endurance training programs
  • Free to download from the official website with the Polar DataLink
  • Heart rate even when in water through a comfortable hybrid transmitter
  • 100% compatibility with Polar cycling, running, and GPS sensors
  • Battery life of up to 8-11 months


  • No built-in GPS
  • Unsightly design
  • Difficult to adjust

2) Polar RC3 GPS Sports Watch
The Polar RC3 watch can be referred to as the first big introduction to GPS market by the brand. The device looks fabulous with slim look, is very simple to use, and incredibly accurate for runners.

It would not be wrong to say that the brand has been extremely successful in creating a world class quality GPS compatible watch. It ideally matches up to the unit (FR110) of Garmin, the present day market leader.

The watch promises to take running to another level via combining advanced technology with the brand new, ultra lightweight and super slim design. The watch will take good care of your body and accurately track your speed, altitude, distance, and route.


  • Compatibility with Polar running sensors
  • Tracks route, speed, and distance via built-in GPS
  • Displays GPS based altitude. This happens both during and after training
  • Training Benefit of the watch promises instant feedback after session
  • Running Index scores performance
  • Boosts performance with the help of new age programs such as endurance training


  • Super-slim
  • Easy to carry around
  • Daily wear
  • User friendly
  • Clean menu system
  • Longer battery life
  • GPS accuracy is great
  • Excellent GPS stability
  • Standard Polar charging connection


  • Data Page system is not efficient
  • Polar Personal Trainer site is not as expected
  • Lap average pace missing
  • Bluetooth Smart is not available
  • Relatively Expensive

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Tips to Buy the Best Running GPS Watch

There is a range of GPS watches available to choose from. With so many options available, it’s not easy to pick the most suitable GPS watch. While the most of the basic features are common in all the running watches, some of the quality devices come with the advanced features that make them different and better.

So how to buy the best GPS running watch for you? The best approach is, don’t get misguided by the gimmicks. Determine your needs and select the one that meets your specific requirements.

In short, you can follow this 3-step guide to select the most suitable fitness device for you:

1) What You Want: Determine your needs first. Once you know your specific needs it’s easy to select the device that meets your terms.
2) Robust and Reliable Design: Needless to say, your device must be reliable and durable. It should provide desired performance.
3) Ease to Use: Make sure the GPS watch you get is easy to operate and manage. User interface should be hassle-free.
4) Price Range: Definitely, you may want to buy a GPS running watch that suits your budget.


Now we understand what is a GPS running watch, why you need it, what are the most popular GPS watches, and how and where to buy the best GPS running watch. We’ve also discussed 2 of the most popular running watches.

So get the best running GPS watch that is capable of recording, uploading, future storing, managing, and analyzing training data. Other important factors include — how reliable the device is and the price of the fitness device. If you buy the GPS watch that meets these criteria, it will help you achieve the best workout performance ever.